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Hippocrates (460 B. C. to 357 B. C.)
Most celebrated physician of antiquity; known as the "Father of Modern Medicine"; formulated the Hippocratic Oath and admonished: "Let Foods Be Your j Medicine And Your Medicine Your Food."
Priessnitz, Vincenz (1799-1851)
Founder, first water cure system; discoveries resulted from keen observation of animals in their natural surroundings; applied same measures to own injuries with success, then to those of neighbors. At age of 26, built and established first water cure at Graefenberg in Austrian Silesia; success was meteoric; work became so well known throughout world that a letter from an inquirer in United States reached him bearing the simple address, "Vincent Priessnitz, Europe", and reposes in the Museum at Graefenberg.
Rickli, Arnold (Born Feb. 13, 1823 - Died 1926)
Born at Veldes-Krainola, Austria. Founder of the light and air cure, which he called the Atmospheric Cure. In 1848 established first institution for light and air cure at Veldes-Krainola. He said, "Water is good, and Air is better, but Light is best of all."
Hazzard, Linda Burfield (1850-1939)
Outstanding exponent of therapy of fasting.
Dewey, Edward Hooker, M. D.
Originator, "No Breakfast Plan" of treatment and living; successfully lectured here and abroad; lectures incorporated in a book, "New Science of Living".
Macfadden, Bernarr (Born Aug. 14, 1868)
Originator of "Physcultopathy", a complete system of treatment. He is founder and editor of Physical Culture magazine which first appeared in 1899. Established Macfadden Foundation for Betterment of man. Founded Cosmotarianism, 1945.
Lust, Benedict, M.D., N.D., D.O. (Born Feb. 3, 1872)
Born at Michelbach, Baden, Germany. Racked in body, restored by Kneipp Wassuer Kur; commissioned by Father Sebastian Kneipp in 1892 to bring his Kneipp Cure to America; saw great value of all natural methods and visited institutions of all known cures and finally correlated all to form Naturopathy in 1892, to which he contributed his original ideas as well: Founded the American Naturopathic Association in 1896; Founded the American School of Naturopathy. American School of Chiropracty, "Naturopath and Herald of Health", also Nature's path magazine in 1925.

Christian, Eugene, D. F. S.
America's first Food Scientist and paved the way for men like Hay, Jackson, etc. Founder of the Corrective Eating Society of America, Inc.

Lee, Elmer, M D. (1855 – 1945)
An exponent of Nature Cute by practical experience; a tireless investigator; for many years editor of the Health Culture magazine, he was one of the physicians who championed the move to make Dr. Benedict Lust life president. When efforts were made to split the ranks at the Hotel Commodore in 1921. The vote was carried unanimously.

Schroth, Johann (Feb. 11, 1798-Mar. 26, 1856)
The theory of warm moisture; also the idea of dry diet and fasting cure, which became the foundation of the Schroth Cure.

Still, Andrew (Born Aug. 6, 1828)
Born in Lee County, Virgina. Founder of Osteopathy. He declared: "The back bone is the hone of all bones in the control of disease."

Abrams, Albert, M.D. (Born 1864)
Born in San Francisco, California. Pioneer investigator of electronic therapy.

D. D. Palmer
Magnetopath and Masseur of Mid-Nineteenth Century. Originator of Chiropractice, founder of first Chiropractic College. Davenport. Iowa. Announced Chiropractic in 189Í.

Bulkley, Duncan L., M. D.
The first man of the medical profession in America to recognize the value of diet in the handling of cancer patients. Organized and founded N, Y. Skin and Cancer Hospital. Treated many patients successfully. Rejected by the A, M. A. and finally driven from the Society and from hospital,
Lane, Sir William Arbuthnot, Bart., C.B., M.S., F.R.C.S., etc.
Physician to former King of England. Consulting Surgeon at Guy's Hospital, London. Broke away from British. Medical Association in 1925 when it frowned upon his ideas for educating the public in health. Organized the New Health Society same year and took 1,500 doctors with him. Propounded theory of avitaminosis as a cause of cancer; wrote a number of books, his last, "New Health to Every Man".

Bilz, F. E. (1843- 1903)
Popularized Water Cure and coordinated systems. Author of Bilz Books, a standard enc; cyclopedia of Nature Cure.

Tilden, John, M.D. (1852-1942)
Propunded theory of auto-intoxication or toxemia. Author of many books, the most widely read. "Toxemia" and "The Pocket Dietitian".
Greene, Cordelia, M.D. (1831 - 1905)
One of the first women physicians in the United States; propounder of the simple, natural life, sensible habits of dress, child rearing. She believed the only indestructable force in our Universe is Mind; and emphasized the great power of Air.
Morass, Edward, M.D.
Late nineteenth and early twentieth century propounder of the doctrine of Autology a simple system of living.
Jennings, Isacc, M. D.
Mid-Nineteenth Century physician. Rejected medicine and propounded doctrine of non-treatment of disease, allowing nature to do all work. Eminently successful.
Adler, Alfred, M.D. (1881-1937)
Contemporary of Sigmund Freud, originator of Individual Psychology based on natural law. Individual Psychology ís so far in advance of anything else, that has been taught that it has suffered from lack of general use. Adler believed that Individual Psychology could be as well taught by non-medical men as by physicians; in fact, he preferred the former.
Lahman, Henry, M. D.
Ostracized from Medical College in Germany, finished College in Switzerland. Wrote first real scientific articles on Nature Cure, Natural Hygiene, 1891. Originated vegetable extracts, and soy bean and almond milk.
Winternitz, Wilhelm, M. D.
Viennese physician, called Father of Modern Hydrotherapy.
R. T. Trall, M. D.
In sixties. was granted charter in New York to run Hydropathic College, and grant M.D. degrees. Wrote Hydropathic Encyclopedia. Originator of the Hygienic System.
Kneipp, Father Sebastian (May 17, 1821 - 1897)
Born at Stephensreid near Ottobeuren. As a weak young man trying to help himself, i came upon "Hahn's Water Doctor", one of the first treatises on the subject of Water Cure. Father Kneipp followed out the same progressive development as Preissnitz from treatment of self, to friends; and finally those he served as Priest. Kneipp developed his system along own lines, entirely independent of any other system. He wrote a number of books which appeared in every language; established the Kneipp Cure at Woerishofen which still operates today. Doctor Lust studied under him in 1891. Kneipp and Priesnitz water cures are keystones of Naturopathy.
Hahn, M.D.
Mid-Eighteenth Century physician. Wrote a system of Water Cure known "Enforced Water Cure". This laid foundation for reviving the therapy. It has never been shown that Hahn influenced Priessnitz, who followed his own observations.

Lindlahr, Henry, M.D., N.D. (1853-1925)
Formulated complete philosophy of natural methods as the "Philosophy of Naturopathy"-. Propounded such truths and principles as: "The primary cause of germ activity is in the morbid soil in which bacteria feed, grow and multiply."
Bechamp, Pierre Jacques Antoine, M.D., D.S., M.P. (1857 - 1875)
Bechamp discovered process of fermentation. Discoverer of smallest forms of life, which he called Microzyma (minute ferment bodies). Microzymian theory of disease refutes the commonly accepted germ theory of disease. Microzymian theory proves the very foundation on which Naturopathy rests. It proves the unity of disease as expounded by Louis Kuline; and the unity of basic treatment as pro-pounded by Adolph Just.
Paracelsus (1493- 1541)
Famed Swiss physician and naturalist, First to advance theory that life's processes are chemical. His motto was: "Natura Artis Magistra" (Nature is the Teacher of Science).
Hahnemann, Samuel Christopher, M.D. (1755-1843)
Propounded startling doctrine of "similia similibus curantur" in Germany in 1790; greatest contribution to our therapy, his book: "Cure of all Diseases". His book, "Friend of Health" was one of first efforts in preventative medicine, more truly natural living.
Kuhne, Louis (? - 1907)
Practiced in Leipzig, Germany. A born natural physician. Found way into work through own ailments. In 1864 attended congress of natural healers for help. There met the healer Meltzer. Four years later he came into contact with Theodore Hahn of Waid. Formulated theory of Unity of Disease. Kuhne claimed: "Disease is the presence of foreign matter in the body." His book, "Neo-Naturopathy" is truly the Naturopathic pathology of disease. He declared "Cleanliness only heals."
Just, Adolph (Died 1939)
Author of "Return to Nature". Reduced Nature Cure to its utter simplicity. He evolved the idea of moist heat. Among truths he expounded are: "Nature does not err." "All nature doctors must regard it as their ideal aim to develop the people to the point where each will be his own physician." Just was first to advance theory that "acute diseases are most favorable healing crisis, and should be greeted with joy."
Annie Riley Hale (1854 - 1946)
Outstanding lay writer and champion of Medical Freedom. Author of "These Cults"
Ignatz Von Peczely, M.D. (Jan. 26, 1826 - Egavan, near Budapest, Hungary)
August F. Reinhold, M.A., M.D., Ph. D., N.D., (1861 - 1904)
Graduated with honors at the Royal University of Berlin. III health and failure of Medical Doctors to help him prompted introspection. Sought help elsewhere. Found relief in Water Treatments. In 1882, began earnest study of Bilz, Kneipp, Kuhne, Trail and others. 1885 to 1900 translated Louis Kuhne's "Facial Diagnosis" also "Nature vs. Drugs", "Positive Prevention and Cure of Tuberculosis", and "Natural Methods of Cure."

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